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Liebherr ring-pan mixers are designed around a robust structure and feature the most state-of-the-art mixing technology.

Technical Data
Type 2.0
Nominal capacity in accordance with DIN 459, part 1 [m³] 2.0
Filling amount [l] 3,000
Dimensions (standard version) for A [mm] 3,242
Dimensions (standard version) for B [mm] 460
Dimensions (standard version) for C [mm] 973
Dimensions (standard version) for D [mm] 750
Standard threephase motor, type RIH/RIM [kW] 75
Voltage/frequency [V/Hz] 400/50
Gates per mixer 1-3
Speed of mixer gear [RPM] 20.7
Exterior peripheral speed [m/s] 3.3
Weight standard version [t] 8.1
Special voltages are possible