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Mobile Dosing Silos

VTDS 150
DS 150

The Value Tech Mobile Dosing Silo is a precision volumetric powder dispenser with an infinitely variable delivery capacity up to 20 tons per hour.
This process is achieved by both the variable auger rotation speed and running discharge time.
A digital read out (DRO) which has a magnetic base display both preset time and speed can be attached to the silo frame in a position where it can be easily viewed by the operator.

Both settings are made and revised as necessary either on the main control station of the unit or on a radio remote wireless control transmitter which the operator (machine driver) keeps with him to control the dosing value.
Vibrators fitted to the silo inclined walls which ensure the consist flow of powder can be activated by either control station.
The dosing silo can be easily be positioned on site by either set of forks or suspended from above. It is equipped with four adjustable height feet to assist transportation within legal height restrictions. The hopper is fitted with a water tight hinged cover which can easily be opened from the ground and locked in open position to prevent inadvertently closing by wind etc. Positioned inside the hopper is a heavy duty serrated and removable cutting knife to open big bag powder, cement etc. A safety grid prevents any waste plastic or other unwelcome materials from entering the chamber.

Mobile Powder Dosing System (PDF) >>

Value Range of Mobile Dosing Silos

Mobile Dosing Silo DS 15 DS 30

Main Control Station
Main Control Station

Radio Control Transmitter
Radio Control Transmitter

Digital Read-out Screen
Digital Read Out

Radio Alert Beacon
Radio Alert Beacon

Capacity 1500L 3000L
Height(mm) (shipping) 1700 2500
(transport) 3000 3000
(operating) 3340 3340
Length (assembled) 3380 3380
(excl. auger) 1940 1940
Width 1600 1600
Discharge Height 2400 2400
Weight 750 1050
380V Electric Motor + Reduction Gear 2.2KW 2.2KW.
380V Adjustable Vibrators 2 2
PLC System Controller
Radio Remote Control System
Digital Read Out Screen
Flexible Discharge Sock
Lockable Hinged Cover
Access ladder with extension
Detachable Cutting Knife
Removable Safety Grid
Emergency Stop System
Fork Anchors + Sling Points
CE Homoligation
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