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The LRS recycling system is distinctive due to its compact design. The hardened material from residual concrete is effectively washed out via a screw. The structure of the discharge hopper prevents overfilling of the screw.

Special bearings which feature a particular reduction in wear guarantee fault-free operation. The screw has been provided with paddles around the area of material supply which break down the material.

Technical Data
LRS 606
The LRS 606 features a production rate of approx. 12 m³ (15,7 yd³)per hour.
LRS 708
The LRS 708 features a production rate of approx. 22 m³ (28,8 yd³)per hour.
LRS 806
The LRS 806 features a discharge rate of approx. 12 m³ (15,7 yd³)per hour, with a material discharge height of 3.2 m.
LRS 606 mobil
The mobile recycling plant is transportable and does not require a foundation.